Yoga for Men

We offer a variety of exceptional classes, so you can experience your yoga practice with men in an inclusive atmosphere of camaraderie.

We also wish to create a true community of men, who explore and evolve together growing with beauty and richness of yoga. Yoga means unity, or oneness of body, mind and consciousness in harmony.

On a physical level, the practice of yoga allows you to reinforce and stimulate your body.

On a mental level, the practice allows to return to the present moment and to liberate ourselves from obsessive thinking.

On an emotional level, yoga can help to free ourselves from negative loops of thoughts through a natural and conscious breathing.

We invite you to regenerate your body and mind during one of our yoga classes for men.

* Please note that some of our courses are offered nude and others are clothed.


Please note that all yoga classes are postponed. To know when the classes will be offered again, please subscribe to our newsletter (in French only for now)


Vinyasa Power Yoga
Energy, Breath and Power

These classes are Vinyasa influenced where we will link together the movement and the breathing in a continuous flow. The creative connection will combine sun salutations and a variety of poses known from other types of yoga, woven together in an energetic way that will build some heat. You will be inspired to challenge yourself in a safe and fun way, with a phase of relaxation at the end.

Kundalini Yoga

Dynamic, vibrant and extatic

This is a powerful, liberating and creative class in which you will discover a wide variety of postures, breath work and meditation exercises. It is accessible to all levels and builds the base for a daily practice. We will focus on the flow of energy, strengthening the muscles, developing the breath, toning our body and the liberation of the vital “Kundalini” Energy.

We will experience the alternation between deep relaxation on one side and dynamic postures and static relaxation on the other side.

Vinyasa with Partner Work
Breath, movement and connection

The first half of the course is inspired by Vinyasa, linking the movements with the breathing into one union and the second half will offer some partner or group asanas. Poses are either mutually assisted or designed so that benefits are achieved simultaneously: mental, physical and spiritual well being, as well as deeper level of connection and trust through human touch (non-sexual). You can participate with a friend or partner – or team up with someone and make a new connection. Accessible to all levels.

*** Why nude yoga?

Yoga is about pushing boundaries by putting ourselves in “crazy” postures and to observe ourselves how we react in it. Nudity as a means of breaking socially constructed boundaries adds another opportunity to push a frontier and to grow. Some guys might get nervous in the beginning about the thought of a naked group activity and about any judgements. After some initial hesitation, you will see how quickly you get over that. When taking off our cloths we leave the judgements of ourselves and others behind: Nothing to hide behind and nothing to pretend. Being naked is about pushing another boundary and it will enable us to make a true connection with ourselves and with other men on an energetic level – not in a sexual way.


Schedule: The new session will begin on September 3rd until mid-December.  

Place: Studio Kai, 969 Rue Saint-Timothée, Montreal QC H2L 3N2

Class duration : 75 minutes

Courses : All courses are 75 minutes. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the course.

Cost: 15$ per class, cash at the door (incl tax)

Note: all existing cards from Espace Ananda/Terrestantriques are still valid and can be used without limitations



Martin Bilodeau is a western Buddhist and holds a University degree in Communications and Social Psychology. He is the founder of Terres Tantriques, which is an organization that focuses on spiritual growth for Men through Meditation, Yoga and Tantra.

Martin is a certified Kundalini and Tantra Teacher, who shares a modern and authentic vision of these ancestral techniques. He is a free spirit, playful but dedicated, and also teaches Mindfulness as well as kindness and compassion, which are the foundation of his work.

Futhermore, Martin is the author of the meditation guide “Libérez-vous!” and a guide to Tantra for men: “Éveil du masculin sacré” He also published numerous CDs with guided meditation, available via Montreal Musique Inc.

Markus Zinsberger has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. He is the founder of All Men Yoga Montreal and has been guiding at yoga retreats in Mexico and Germany. His style is influenced by an intensive vinyasa training in Goa/India and he leads an energetic Vinyasa Power flow, which will adapt to your personal needs and capabilities, while challenging you to explore and develop into your body.

Markus also offers Partner Yoga, which creates a unique dynamic: this practice is a wonderful way to work and connect with other men, while expressing your own needs and respecting your limits as well as the others’.


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