Tantra retreat for Men in Mexico

Tantric Meditation - Yoga with Partner - Extatic Dancing and chanting - Tantric Rituals - And more!
Join a group of men who will live a unique week of healing on the seaside of Mexico. In this little paradise, come to relax, energize, fill up with beauty and have fun with guys from all around the world.

The days are designed to practice active meditation, Kundalini yoga, Tantric meditation in the morning. The afternoons will be free and will offer excursions to discover the local attractions. The evenings will allow you to live Tantric rites « Pujas » to explore this initiatory way that put love in the forefront of your life and put the body and sexual energy at the service of your personal evolution.

What we will explore

Tantric meditation in order to allow you to settle down, to live gently rising energy, to free oneself from the ego, to reconnect to the heart, to develop mindfulness in the body and to allow an integration of lived transformations .

Active meditation techniques to activate your joy, to release your energy, to restore your passion for living.

Intuitive dance sessions in contact with partners will also help develop listening through the body, rhythm and breathing.

The kundalini yoga exercises to awaken your senses, release your inner strength and reach states of ecstasy.

Sacred songs and mantras to open the space of the heart, create a sense of group communion and unite with the higher consciousness.

Tantric Pujas evenings : Tantric Greetings, Sensual Ritual, Tantric Massage, White Tantra, Body Painting, and more. The spirit of each of these evenings is celebration, play, authenticity and love 🙂

Martin Bilodeau is a western Buddhist and holds a University degree in Communications and Social Psychology. He is the founder of Terres Tantriques, which is an organization that focuses on spiritual growth for Men through Meditation, Yoga and Tantra.

Martin is a certified Kundalini and Tantra Teacher, who shares a modern and authentic vision of these ancestral techniques. He is a free spirit, playful but dedicated, and also teaches Mindfulness as well as kindness and compassion, which are the foundation of his teachnigs.

Martin is the author of the meditation guide “Libérez-vous!” and a guide to Tantra for men: “Éveil du masculin sacré” He also published numerous CDs with guided meditation, available via Montreal Musique Inc. In 2015.

Web site : martinbilodeau.com

Zipolite is a small village located in the state of Oaxaca on Mexico’s pacific coast. It is an extremely relaxed spot with a certain “hippie vibe” that is very different from any of the huge tourist centers in other parts of Mexico. If you enjoy being nude, then you can enjoy a mile of a wonderful sandy beach, which is great for long walks.

“The spectacular 1.5km stretch of pale sand called Zipolite, beginning about 2.5km west of Puerto Ángel, moves at a slow pace, withering in the midday heat. This coast’s original budget beach-bum magnet, it attracts a bohemian international array of sun lovers, latter-day hippies and other hedonists to its wonderfully elemental surroundings of crashing surf, pounding sun, rocky headlands and tall palapa-roofed buildings. There are still plenty of reassuringly rustic budget lodgings and an unmistakable hippie vibe, but a number of more comfortable accommodations and classier restaurants at the west end of the beach now cater to a midrange clientele who also love the Zipolite ambience. There’s a certain magic here, and you may postpone departure more than once.

Zipolite has an exaggerated fame as a nudist beach. Total nudity nowadays only happens in a couple of coves at the western end of the beach and in the small bay called Playa del Amor at the east end, which is a favorite spot for gay men.” Lonely Planet.


Dates :  TBD

Cost for Retreat (7 days): 745$ CAN (+tax)

A Down payment of 145$ will secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel later than 1 months before the retreat.

This price includes:

  • Teacher and guide dedicated to your well-being throughout the stay
  • 14 group sessions (tantric meditation, breath, kundalini yoga, massage, pujas and more)
  • Guided meditation at sunset
  • Temaskal (shamanic ritual, chocolate wrap and sweat tent)
  • Mazunte (natural sunset and jacuzzi)
  • Hiking on the seashore
  • Group circle and exchanges


Cost (charged 15 days before arrival)

Includes 6 nights. If you wish to book more days before of after the retreat, please contact kdzipo@hotmail.com

13 meals and snacks : $ 221 US (taxes included)
Suppers are the participants responsability. Healthy and organic meals will be prepared by chef Connie.

We will stay at the Yoga Center “La Loma Linda” overlooking the beach of Zipolite. For more details check out  www.lalomalinda.com

To choose your cabinas, click here.

To see the list of rooms available, click here.

For single men who wish to share their room in double occupancy :

Vous serez jumelé avec une autre personne de manière aléatoire et votre choix de chambre se fera par les organisateurs. Votre chambre vous sera attribué en arrivant sur place.

For single men who want a single room or couples who want a private room:

You must look at the list of available rooms and inform us of your choice of room when you register (at the time of your deposit). You will then receive a written confirmation in the following days.

Language : French and English.

The mix of participants will offer a beautiful linguistic and cultural discovery during the retreat between English, French and Spanish.

Transport: flights are not included and should be organized the convenience of each participant. The closest airport is Huatulco (HUX) and has direct flights from Toronto with West or Air Canada Rouge. Other airlines offer connections via the US.

A taxi from the Huatulco Airport to Zipolite is approximately 30$ (approx 1h). Loma Linda can arrange taxi service upon your arrival at the airport. Please contact them at kdzipo@hotmail.com

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